New Hampshire


Action: Support Criminal Justice Reform with SB 96, HB 598 & HB 205


  • Contact Senate Judiciary Committee members individually or email the entire committee and ask them to support SB 96


Senate Bill 96 would require implicit bias training for judges; establish a body-worn and dashboard camera fund and provide protections for minor children who commit non-violent offenses.

House Bill 598 would enable people enable incarcerated people to apply for parole after serving 50% of their minimum sentence, in line with other states, creating a strong incentive for rehabilitation rather than costly long-term incarceration.

House Bill 205 would allow incarcerated people to apply for a suspended sentence a little earlier, thereby giving them more time to prepare for a successful re-entry into society if their suspended sentence is granted. Data show people of color are far more likely to be arrested and sentenced to long prison terms for the same offenses, which are often nonviolent and related to untreated addiction.


Action: Protect Equity and Diversity Initiatives by opposing Amendment 2021-0925h


  • Please contact your state senator here and urge they strip Amendment 2021-0925h from the state budget.

Details: The amendment is based on HB 544 and would ban state agencies, public schools and colleges, and even state contractors from learning about and addressing systemic racism and sexism. As Covid lays bare the disproportionate health and economic impacts on communities of color and women, this amendment would undercut our ability to address these systemic inequities for the good of New Hampshire.


Action: Support paid sick time with HB 590


Details: House Bill 590 would require employers to provide paid sick time for employees to support public health and the wellbeing of their employees.


Action: Support a living wage with HB 517


Details: House Bill 517 would increase the minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2024 (NH is one of the only states that does not have a minimum wage and defaults instead to the federal minimum wage of $7.25 established in 2009).


Action: Support Native American heritage with SB 33


  • Contact Senate Administration Committee members individually or email the entire committee and ask them to support SB 33.

Details: Senate Bill 33 would authorize cities and towns to name or rename locations in the original Abenaki language, with assistance from the commission on Native American affairs.

Action: Help Low-Income Renters Stay in Their Homes with HB 160


  • Contact your state representatives and ask them to support HB 160 when it comes to the full House floor

Details: House Bill 160 would require landlords to notify tenants at least 60 days before a rent increase that exceeds 5%, and 90 days before increases beyond 8%. It gives tenants an opportunity to either get their finances in order or find other housing options before being kicked out of their homes.