Robby Cummings

Operations Manager

Robby (he/him) received his B.A. in Political Science with minors in Business Administration, Economics, and Sociology from the University of Northern Colorado. He got into operations as a nighttime Operations Analyst with Xpress Natural Gas and worked his way up into the Operations Process Manager position. After the company sold, Robby’s next professional adventure was with Dish Network where he was the Operations Manager for New Hampshire and Vermont. Much of his background is process-centric and involves making some fancy spreadsheets, but where he has found the most joy is in the coaching/development of others, creative problem solving, and then trying to figure out how to prevent that problem from happening again.

Robby is at ReVision Energy primarily because of the people. He believes everyone is genuinely happy to be here and acts consciously of both the business and their peers. He also really like that he gets to work in solar…it beats figuring out to best move natural gas from one place to another with diesel trucks.

At ReVision, Robby is an Operations Manager, so he gets to help make sure we get dialed into processes when we stray far from them, make better ones when we need to, and continue promoting a great place for all of the co-owners to become the best version of themselves. Outside of work, he has always enjoyed 4 season hiking throughout the US and has been trying to expand his mountain skills. He has branched out into climbing rock, snow, and ice. He has seen a sunrise from each of the 48 New Hampshire 4000-foot mountains. Robby also enjoys spending time with family and friends whether it is actively doing something or casually hanging out.