Chuck Hayward

EV Infrastructure Designer & Analyst

Chuck (he/him) spent six weeks in Maine during college for the New England Literature Program and dreamed about coming back ever since. After 13 years, Chuck and his wife decided to finally just move to Maine and figure out the career piece when they got there. He went back to school studying Electrical Engineering Technologies at Southern Maine Community College, where he learned about ReVision Energy.

Chuck joined ReVision as an EV Infrastructure Designer in 2021 with the hope that someday soon the work would mean he could take his kayak to all of the remote waters of Maine atop an EV. Every day, that dream gets a little closer as ReVision continues to expand EV charging options throughout New England. When he’s not on the water, you’ll find him and his wife hiking with their pup. He also enjoys making bad puns and good homemade bread.