Tony Long

Journeyman Electrician

Tony has a lifetime of experience in and around the construction industry. After more than 6 years in the solar industry, Tony joined the North Andover ReVision team in early 2019. After hours and years of hard work, he finished and passed his journeyman's test and became a licensed electrician in January 2020!

Tony is happy to have found ReVision, as he enjoys working with a company that cares for its employee-owners, and is dedicated excellence. Tony has a small solar array that he installed on his home a few years ago - ever since that installation, he is always looking for other ways to be energy efficient around the house.

When not working to bring homeowners clean, renewable electricity, Tony enjoys biking around Plymouth, MA, walking his dog, Mack, and taking photos. You can often find Tony and Mack along the oceanfront enjoying the weather!