Chris Blaisdell

Master Plumber

A licensed Master Plumber since 1985, Chris Blaisdell has been a core part of our solar hot water installation team since joining us in 2006. Prior to ReVision, Chris has extensive experience in both residential and commercial plumbing & heating as well as the experience of having owned a contracting business for the previous 10 years.

Chris and his wife, Amy, were cofounders of Maine's first CoHousing community, Two Echo CoHousing in Brunswick, Maine, where they still live.

Two Echo is a multi-generational clustered country neighborhood located in the midst of a 90-acre parcel of woods and meadows, roughly 70 acres of which are under conservation easement. The community sports a "common house" with a meeting/dining area and kitchen big enough to prepare meals for community get-togethers, a recreation room with games and a craft center, and overnight guest accommodations.

Chris continues to serve on multiple Two Echo committees helping to manage different areas of the resident-run community.