Andy Toomajian

Commercial Solar Sales Consultant

Andy (he/him) brings over a decade of experience across three of New England’s most renowned renewable energy businesses to his work at Revision. He holds a Master’s degree in Architecture from the University of Massachusetts and has a background in the green building trades, and he specializes in integrating solar in to new construction projects. 

Andy's first exposure to renewable energy came from living off-grid in the mountains of northern California and New Mexico, and his work is inspired by the creativity and ingenuity those systems demonstrated, and a commitment to recognizing the social, economic, and environmental components of sustainability. 

While his work takes him across the Bay State and beyond, Andy makes his home in Turners Falls, MA, alongside a historic power canal with his partner and children. When he’s not talking solar, you can find him working in the garden, riding his bike, hiking, or taking long walks, building things in his attic, listening to live music, or cooking for his family and friends.