Ethan Schechter

Solar Design Specialist

Ethan grew up in Southern New England and has lived and worked in a wide range of places, including Washington, D.C., Boston, Tel Aviv, and Ramallah. He spent the earlier part of his career working on education and international conflict resolution. Ethan worked on an applied research initiative that explored how extractive industry companies in developing countries can better engage local communities to mitigate negative social and environmental impacts. It was through this work that he grew an interest in how businesses can be a force for good, which ultimately led him to ReVision Energy.

After living in the Middle East leading programming for Seeds of Peace, Ethan moved to Maine where he spent three years managing a statewide AmeriCorps program in local schools. During that time, Ethan learned about ReVision Energy and was inspired by its mission to transform the state and region away from a fossil fuel-based economy towards sustainable energy. Ethan loves working at a mission driven company and ReVision Energy's commitment to the triple bottom line (People, Planet, and Profit).

Ethan spends as much time biking, hiking, and canoeing as he can, and once rode his bike from Boston to Montreal, and then down to New York City. He lives in Portland with his wife, Abby, and their son. They are new home owners and are excited about making their home more efficient with heat pumps and a heat pump water heater!