Brett Wanner

Solar Design Specialist

New Hampshire

At one point in his life Brett was hoping to build his family home out of mud and straw, power it with micro-hydro and solar, share common resources with like-minded neighbors, and live much closer to the land than is typical for the modern American family. He took a detour by moving from Lancaster county, PA to Pike, NH to work as the music teacher, soccer coach, and athletic director at an alternative boarding school. He enjoyed the complete freedom and utter lack of supervision which allowed him to create a unique and pretty weird music curriculum. The initial two-year commitment stretched into 4 years. A fixer upper home in Lyme was bought in order to access better public schools for the kiddos. Then just like that it’s 15 years later and Brett has realized that his dream of leading a life close to the land had become a little less tangible, but the deeper motivation behind that ethos lingered unabated. He was just one job in solar away from being a part of a more earth-friendly solution.

Enter Kim Quirk (from ReVision), 10 years into Brett's teaching gig, who he met at a coffee shop through a mutual friend. Kim was kind enough to spend some time telling Brett all about the solar paradigm, and Revision’s place in it. He was very impressed by everything he heard that morning, and the conversation lit a small fire, which smoldered for a few years in his mind before he took action.

Eventually he entered the solar industry, mostly working remotely with people on the west coast, learning many lessons, and honing his solar chops in the process. He found much meaning in this work and enjoyed it immensely, but culturally, he could not find a job that was the ideal fit. Brett still yearned to work with ReVision, and after monitoring job openings and undergoing initial interviews, he is now very happy to be a part of this team. Brett looks forward to continuous learning, and promoting ReVision’s role in building a better, cleaner, and more just world.

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