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A Mindset Shift: Racism's Root Causes
This month’s guest feature is from Dr. Taylor Terry, Life and Business Success Coach for Illume U in Atlanta. A former professor and brand management

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Examining Climate Justice Through the Pillars of Social Work
This month's guest feature is an insightful and in-depth essay written by Taniko King-Jordan, DSW, LMSW, CDP, who is the former Director of the Bachelor
From Mississippi to Maine & Back Again
This month's guest blog post comes from Andriana Bouldin. A former South Portland resident and Mississippi native, Andriana enjoys running, cooking, and
Tribal Sovereignty in the Dawnland
This month's contributor is Ambassador Maulian Dana, who was appointed by Penobscot Nation Chief Kirk Francis in September 2017. As Ambassador, Maulian is
Deforestation and Indigenous Cultures
This month's contributor is Norliyana Menes. Norliyana is passionate about many things - minority rights, inequality, Bollywood, food, the list goes on -
Nature, Harlem, and COVID-19
This month’s contributor is Reverend Dr. Malcolm J. Byrd, Senior Pastor at the Mother African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church Harlem, in the City of New
Whiteness and the Climate Crisis
This month’s contributor is Samuel James. Samuel James is a world-touring musician and storyteller. His long-running column Racisms is featured monthly in
Gardening as Radical Self-Care
This month's contributor is Briana Barner, a newbie plant mama raising her family in Texas. She is currently finishing her Ph.D in Media Studies at the
Why Clean Energy Should Be King: Contributing Piece by Dr. Lori Banks
This month's contributor is Dr. Lori Banks. Dr. Banks is an Assistant Professor of Biology whose work focuses on novel antimicrobial development,
Maine Environmental Changemakers
This month's contributors are Amara Ifeji, Uma Mohamed, and Melissa Tian from Maine Environmental Changemakers - a youth-led intergenerational network