10 Reasons to Go Solar

Need a reason to go solar? Here are 10.

ReVision Energy has been helping homes, businesses, and institutions in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts switch to clean, renewable, solar power for 20 years. Now, the pace of that transition is accelerating rapidly as product costs have gone down and solar efficiency has gone up.

We've been asked plenty of times, "why go solar?" The goal of this guide is to shine some light (hehe) on the subject and to answer that question in 10 thorough, bite-sized chunks:

10 (Very Important) Reasons to Go Solar:


  1. Solar Is An Abundant Resource

    Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts’s solar resource is a full 33% greater than Germany, a world leader in solar. And it's not going anywhere.

  2. Solar Reduces Dependency on Fossil Fuel

    Knowing the basics of solar electricity and how it is billed to you is the start to learning how anyone can reduce their fossil fuel use with solar energy.

  3. Solar Is Local & Supports Local Communities

    Whether it's generated on your roof or in your town, solar is a local product that generates savings, benefits, and jobs directly impacting your local community. 

  4. Solar Lowers your Energy Costs & Locks in your Electricity Rate for Years

    Even with a big initial investment, going solar reduces your electric bill, saving you money for years to come and keeps you safe from spiking electric costs. 

  5. Solar is More Affordable, Thanks to Incentives, Tax Credits, & Financing

    Numerous federal and state incentive programs, as well as financing and loan options, make the transition to solar technology more affordable than ever. 

  6. Solar Is a Strong Investment & Adds Value to Your Home or Business 

    Considering significantly reduced equipment costs and reliable performance, the average return on investment of solar energy ranges from 8% to 12% per year.

  7. Solar is Versatile and Works on the Roof, Ground, or Far Afield

    Solar is a versatile technology! No matter where you live, there are many ways to go solar, including rooftop, ground mount, and solar farm options.

  8. Solar Does it All: Heating, Cooling, and Backup Power for your Home

    A lower electric bill is just the beginning. Thanks to continued innovation, solar can be stored in batteries, heat and cool your space, and even power your car.  

  9. Solar Works in the Winter

    For New Englanders, nothing is more promising than learning a solar electricity system’s performance rises when the temperature drops. Sun power all winter long!

  10. Solar is an Environmental Solution to Humanity's Biggest Problem

    Arguably the most important reason for going solar: ensuring a livable future for our kids and grandkids. The costs of the climate crisis are real and daunting, and solar is the most promising technology for transitioning to a clean energy economy.

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