Town & City Solar

Solar will benefit your community (and grandchildren) for decades.

WindhamBring clean solar energy to your local community! Solar energy is a fantastic way for municipalities to lock in reliable costs of electricity for decades while reducing their impact on the climate.

ReVision Energy has been helping towns and cities in Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire take advantage of the economic and environmental benefits of solar for 20 years, and extend those benefits to their greater communities.

Benefits of solar for towns and municipalities:

  1. Low-cost access to solar benefits: Towns and municipalities can take advantage of $0 upfront financing options, such as a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), and ensure a cashflow-positive investment from day one.
  2. Savings for the entire community: Solar offers significant electric cost savings and additional revenue from excess energy generation, through Net Metering and Renewable Energy Credits (RECs).
  3. Protection from rising utility costs: Factoring in upfront cost, including operation and maintenance, solar provides schools and nonprofits the lowest average cost of energy per kWh over system life, an estimated 50%-75% lower than grid electricity.

ReVision offers solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), a great and viable path to solar for municipalities. PPAs allow towns, cities, and local government entities, who cannot take advantage of federal tax programs, to enjoy the same benefits of clean solar power afforded to businesses and homeowners.

A solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is an innovative financial structure which eliminates the primary barrier to municipal entities going solar: access to upfront capital. Instead of requiring a capital investment, ReVision Energy pairs the interested party with local mission-motivated solar investors who can take advantage of federal tax incentives not available to cities and towns. The investor partner owns and operates the array at the municipality's location and sells the solar power to the host at below-market rates with $0 upfront cost.

PPA financing offers solutions to the challenges standing between non-taxed organizations and their potential solar savings:  

Challenge: Tax-Based Solar Incentives 

  1. Solar incentives only apply to existing tax liability
  2. Outright purchase requires extended payback
  3. Many towns and local government entities cannot afford up-front cost or cashflow impact in spite of long-term financial benefits

Solution: PPA Financing Partnership

  1. Municipality leases solar-ready site to impact investor partner for 5-25 years
  2. Investor owns/operates solar at no cost to host
  3. Municipality buys discounted solar power and has option to buy array after 5 years

Long-Term Ownership

ReVision Energy PPAs come with a standard 25-year term, which can be extended 10 additional years. All PPAs also include a flexible discounted early buyout option after 5 years. Long-term ownership ensures the lowest long-term levelized cost of electricity from any source at 50%-75% below existing or projected utility costs while cutting carbon pollution.

Learn more about Power Purchase Agreements →

With the transition to more affordable solar through PPAs, towns and municipalities can protect themselves from rising utility costs and enjoy significant savings. Switching to local solar energy can also mean more room in a budget to invest in local jobs, community outreach, and other projects.

For towns in New England, solar presents an especially strong set of benefits that can be extended to our communities year-round. New England’s solar resource is strong, thanks to bright, cold winters and long summer days. Solar is the clear environmental winner, with no moving parts, long-lasting equipment, and no emissions in the generation of power. In short, going solar is good for your budget, good for your community, and good for the planet.

ReVision has installed hundreds of solar projects for towns and cities across New England.

Our growing portfolio of different municipal solar projects (towns, cities, fire and police departments, libraries, public housing, and more!) is source of pride for our team as we work tirelessly to expand the benefits of solar to communities across our three states.

The Town of Hope, Maine, installed a 120-panel solar array in 2020. The project, pictured below, is expected to save the town’s taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars across the lifespan of the system, while eliminating over 50,000 pounds of carbon pollution every year. 

Town Of Hope

The array powers Hope’s town office and heat pumps as well as the town's salt shed and two fire stations. The project was greatly celebrated, with much of the town coming out to watch the array's grand opening (despite the frigid temperatures!). 

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