Marc DeLucia

Solar Design Specialist

North Shore, Metrowest North, Massachusetts

Marc has lived in many places throughout his life, but Austin, TX and Vieques, PR have been the places he's lived the longest. With a recent move to NH, he traded eternal summer for four seasons and an opportunity to be closer to family.

Marc has a Bachelor of Science in Geography Resources and Environmental Studies from Texas State. He worked for 20 years as a property manager in PR and owned a paddleboard tour company. After Hurricane Maria in 2017, he started a small solar company with a couple of friends, finding solar solutions for property owners in the wake of that devastating natural disaster.

His hobbies include anything to do in the water - surfing, paddle boarding, swimming, boating. He loves to travel and meet new people, and enjoys the outdoors with family and friends.

Even before moving back to NH, ReVision's various projects were on Marc's radar. He was always interested in Solar and Renewables in general, and when he made the move up north in August, he immediately reached out to ReVision to see if there were any positions available. Marc has always aspired to work for a company that cares for their employees and takes pride in the work and the service they provide. ReVision's mission and vision are very much in line with Marc's own, and so he is very excited to begin his work with the ReVision Massachusetts team, on working with homeowners and helping them realize the economic as well as environmental benefits of owning their own power.

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