Mission & Values


Our Values are more than words on a page.

They are a part of everything we do and how we connect with each other and our work. We try to live through these values as a certified B Corp and Employee-Owned company, underscored by our commitment to Justice and Equity.

Every day we show up at job sites, at our desks, in town halls, and in classrooms, driven to fight for a better future for our kids and grandkids. Learn about ReVision Energy's 5 values:

Be kind.

Empathy is at the root of all that we do to make life better. Every human interaction provides an opportunity to connect, understand one another, and choose kindness. When we do so, we co-create the compassionate world we want to live in.


Being a 100% employee-owned company allows every person who works at the company to operate with an ownership mindset and to receive the benefit of equity built over time. 

Committed to JEDI

We still have a lot to learn, but in 2020 our Employee-Owners formed the Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) pillars to honor the intersectional relationship between environmentalism and social justice and to highlight the work that needs to be done at ReVision and beyond. 

Growing Access to Solar in New England

To democratize the clean energy transition, ReVision proactively helps low-to-moderate income (LMI) and environmental justice (EJ) communities gain access to solar and related technologies. Financial and systemic barriers have long blocked LMI and EJ communities from accessing clean energy solutions. We commit more resources to this underserved demographic, through grants, investors, and other LMI programs.

Be responsible.

Our guiding motto is: “think like a customer, act like an owner.” This means that we take the well-being of our community and our fellow co-owners into account in all that we do. We own both our successes and our mistakes and challenge ourselves to be good stewards of our company, communities, and the environment.

Sustainable Business Practices

Because we think it's critically important to make the same change within that we strive for in our communities, ReVision Energy is committed to being Net Zero by 2030. To date we have installed solar on our facilities along with electric vehicle charging stations, heat pumps, and battery storage. Our employee-owners drive a mix of electric cars, Priuses, and trucks that run on biodiesel. 

Supporting others who share our vision

Since our beginning, we have partnered with numerous nonprofits and change-making organizations in New England. From staffing events to sponsoring conferences to hosting classes and webinars, we make it a priority to support organizations who have similar values.

Be excellent.

Excellence asks that we bring our best effort and intentions to all that we do. This does not mean that we require perfection from one another. Rather, it means we strive to be our best selves in all interactions, and we look for the best in one another; this fosters an environment that allows us to maintain our reputation as the best solar company in New England.

We’re a Certified B Corp.

Our commitment to building a better world isn’t just good for business; it is our business. We are a company that embodies our values in every interaction with our customers, with our business partners, with our community, and with each other. This is reflected in our high B Corp score of 150. 

Be clear.

Through clear, transparent, and courageous communication we build trust within and outside ReVision Energy. Clarity is crucial to effective communication in a chaotic world.

Growing our Solar Champion Community

Our goal is to teach our communities about the tools to fight the climate crisis. We foster relationships with customers and partners that go beyond just selling solar. Here's how:

  1. Empower a knowledgable and passionate solar community 
  2. Write and share our educational newsletter
  3. Form meaningful partnerships through events, social media, and community outreach

Be curious.

Knowledge empowers us to change the world through innovation and creativity. With a mindset of curiosity we practice holding space for multiple possibilities, listen actively, and consider multiple perspectives before making decisions. These practices encourage continuous growth, which is vital to our long-term personal and professional success.

ReVision Energy Training Center (RETC)

RETC supports the personal and professional development of ReVision Energy co-owners to build the resilient workforce needed to serve our shared mission. Internal learning initiatives include:

  • 4-Year Paid Electrical Apprenticeship Program
  • Technical Apprenticeships for Design, Sales, and Customer Support roles
  • Companywide Leadership and Management Training
  • A $1,000 Annual Employee Education Stipend