Tess Jacquez

System Design & Estimating

Tess grew up surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, redwood trees, and banana slugs in a small rural town in the Bay Area. Raised by environmental educators, her love for nature was instilled at an early age.

Tess attended Beloit College in Wisconsin, graduating with a BS in chemistry and an interest in photovoltaics. She immediately started her graduate studies at University of Oregon through their industrial internship. Through her graduate program she landed in South Portland, ME where she worked in a semiconductor manufacturing facility as a process engineer. Being a responsible steward to Mother Nature and a solar advocate have been consistent interests throughout her life and she is happy to put her learning into practice at ReVision Energy on the design and estimating team.

When not designing solar systems for commercial spaces, Tess enjoys spending time with her friends and family, adventuring with her boyfriend and dog, playing sports (esp. volleyball), crossfitting, laughing, learning, and SURFING!