Jennifer Hodge

Jennifer grew up in a 2nd floor converted bowling alley in Windsor, VT right next to the Windsor train station. Her progressive Midwestern (Cleveland) parents turned it into an amazing loft. She had a jungle gym, 13 ft ceiling climbing ropes, and 13-ft. Christmas trees, which created a great environment for a curious and creative kid to thrive. 

The loft doubled as her parent's business, Vermont Design Group, first as a wooden toy company and then wooden kitchen products that you might have purchased at Crate and Barrel or Williams Sonoma at some point. 

In the early 80s, her parents received a $40,000 grant from the state of Vermont to build a passive solar house in Norwich, VT. They did it by themselves with the help of SPEEDY, her dad's 1969 Volkswagen bus who trucked in most of the materials. Jennifer knows A LOT about building, electrical work, and plumbing from that winter building experience (and renovating her Upper West Side apartment in Manhattan). Her parents also built a second passive solar house on the property, which Jennifer was also involved with.

As for Jennifer, she couldn't afford college but made it work by working full time bartending at Dartmouth's Hanover Inn Ivy Grill and taking one class per term year round for nine years. At the ripe age of 27, she proudly accepted her diploma from author David Halberstam with a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing.

Jennifer's background is diverse. She has been a professional writer, editor, marketer, and web content producer with experience in publishing, hospitality, customer service, non-profit, higher education, special events, project management, and social media. She has been fortunate to have worked at "The New Yorker," "Conde Nast Traveler," Hopkins Center for the Performing Arts at Dartmouth College, (an NPR financed social website), Harvard University, and Lahey Clinic.

Jennifer has lived in Manhattan, Boston, and London but the Upper Valley has always been HOME. Jennifer lives in Enfield, NH on Lake Mascoma. 

She daily goes to the bank and grocery store in town. Years ago, she noticed this amazing renovated historic house with solar panels with a ReVision Energy sign in front. After googling their website, everything clicked. Here was a company she could fully get on board with. B-corp. Employee owned. And an impeccable mission to eliminate fossil fuels.

Jennifer is the latest Customer Experience Specialist at ReVision and has never been happier at a job (insert Snoopy dance). She thinks that ReVision Energy is an amazing company with co-owner colleagues who are people you sincerely want to hang out with outside of work. And ALL of the co-owners are truly dedicated to making people happy in their quest in decreasing/eliminating their fossil fuel consumption.

Jennifer goes home each night to her 14-year old boxer rescue Lucy Loo and three-legged rescue Tuxedo cat Millie with a total zen and gratified feeling that she made a contribution to the environment and interacted with amazing people of the same mind. 

She is very grateful to work at such a stellar company.