Cameron Green

Solar Design Specialist


Cameron grew up in Westport, Massachusetts. Having a love for the environment at a young age and growing up on a river, Cameron enjoys fishing and boating with his father during the summer. Being drawn to the outdoors and the water, he found himself wanting to live and thrive in nature. Attending Colorado Outward Bound school for a semester, he found strength and a true desire for leadership and a craving to make a positive impact on the environment he lives in. Cameron is a second-generation graduate from Unity College, where he studied Sustainable Energy Management.

His career began his junior year when he interned at ReVision Energy as a Sales Intern, helping wherever was needed and striving to be a true member of the team! In addition to his passion for renewable energy, Cameron loves to kayak, canoe, and hike during the summer. Downhill skiing at Sugarloaf and Sunday River is his passion during the cold Maine winter months.

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