Loreen Kelley

Solar Advisor

New Hampshire

Meet Loreen Kelley (she/her), a lifelong New Englander who discovered her passion for environmental stewardship at a young age. She earned a degree in Environmental Geoscience from Boston College, with pit stops at Columbia University's Biosphere and the University of Melbourne in Australia. Early in her career as an Environmental Scientist, she would work on the remediation of hundreds of miles of damaged ecosystems after a massive oil spill off the coast of Buzzards Bay. It was not long after witnessing such devastation firsthand that she would transition her focus to enforcement and policy work. As an Analyst at the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection, she focused on the development and implementation of state regulations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from large fossil-fuel power plants and supported environmental protection initiatives throughout New England.

One day, Loreen was introduced to her friendly-neighborhood-ReVision in response to a leaking hot water tank in her family’s new home. The impressive B-Corp proved its unwavering excellence… Over the next decade, the Kelleys remained happy customers, benefiting from a heat pump water heater, a 31-panel rooftop PV array, and several air source heat pumps. Once all the stars aligned, Loreen was thrilled to join the ReVision Family as a Co-Owner. She finds educating and providing renewable solutions to folks tremendously fulfilling on a daily basis!

Beyond her work, Loreen enjoys the outdoors, including photography, skiing, biking, and boating. Most of all, she cherishes moments with her favorite people, especially her fellow tree-hugging husband, their two amazing kiddos, and two crazy pups. They are always up for an adventure, enjoying live music, good food, and QT with dear friends and family.

Loreen Kelley's Energy System

Loreen's family home sports a 9.3kW solar array, several 1:1 Mitsubishi air source heat pumps, an Accelera 330E heat pump water heater, and a Juicebox EV charger.

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