Loreen Kelley

Solar Advisor

Loreen started with ReVision as a customer, benefitting from a Stiebel heat pump water heater and a 31-panel solar array for her family's home in Brentwood, and have subsequently installed a charging station for their eV. Not only did the quality construction and positive experience as a customer draw her to want to work at ReVision, but also the company's passion for responsible growth, B Corps values, and advocacy for social and environmental justice. Loreen is so happy to be working alongside an awesome, dedicated and amazingly knowledgeable team of co-owners! ReVision provides a tangible solution for a bright future, and Loreen is honored to be part of it as a Solar Advisor.

Loreen grew up in New England enjoying the outdoors, especially boating on Merrymeeting Lake's pristine water, exploring Maine's rocky coast, and carving on the breathtaking White Mountain slopes. She graduated from Boston College with an Environmental Geoscience degree, incorporating studies at Columbia University's Biosphere Center in Arizona and the University of Melbourne in Australia.

Her career led her to become an Environmental Analyst for the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection's Climate Strategies Group, where she focused on the development and implementation of regulations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions; notably the MA Global Warming Solutions Act and New England's Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. Along the way, she followed her heart to create a successful photography business; an art she brings to ReVision, and a passion that will forever be a source of joy in her life.

Loreen was lucky enough to marry her best friend and fellow treehugger, who she met at their first environmental consulting job out of college. The light of their lives is their family and being together, and they are proud to share their love and appreciation of nature with their two beautiful children. The Kelley fam is always up for going on an adventure, enjoying live music, and spending quality time with dear friends.

Energy System Photo

Loreen Kelley's Energy System

Loreen and her family have solar and complimentary technology, installed by ReVision Energy in 2017. Their system includes:

  • a 9.3kWDC 31-panel Qcell array
  • a Solaredge inverter
  • a Stiebel Eltron Accelera 330E 80-gallon Heat Pump Water Heater