Dan Weeks

VP of Business Development

Dan got his start in clean energy as a teen member of the award-winning ConVal Solar Race Car Team in Peterborough, NH. Although solar-powered racing wasn't breaking any records in the 1990s, the cars were early proof that solar could be a convincing alternative to fossil fuels. Two decades later, he proudly powers his well-insulated home with a 5.5-kilowatt rooftop solar array and drives a speedy Chevy Bolt, charged by the sun.

As ReVision Energy's Vice President of Business Development, Dan combines his love of people and the place where he was raised, with a strong desire to see business become a force for good in society. Dan's responsibilities include developing large-scale solar projects with commercial and institutional partners, promoting policy change to accelerate the clean energy transition, and providing strategic direction in marketing and sales. He is especially committed to expanding access to cost-saving clean energy for low-income communities by partnering with nonprofits and municipalities.

Prior to joining ReVision Energy, Dan built and led successful nonprofit organizations and was a candidate for Executive Council, New Hampshire's highest elected body. As founding Executive Director and now Chair of Open Democracy , Dan has worked to stop the corrupting influence of private money in politics and ensure a vibrant democracy where every voice is heard. In 2012-13, he traveled around the United States by Greyhound Bus on a poverty-line budget of $16 per day researching poverty and political exclusion. He is the author of Democracy in Poverty: A View From Below (Harvard) and has written and spoken extensively on public affairs.

Dan and his wife, Dr. Sindiso Mnisi Weeks, are the proud parents of a little boy and girl who love to cruise around behind his bike or in his Chevy Bolt. A graduate of Yale and Oxford, Dan and his family enjoy reading, hiking, traveling, and playing music in their church band.