Lili Grieves

Solar Advisor


Lili (she/her) joins the ReVision family as a Maine native and outdoor enthusiast. While she was born and raised here, she cultivated her love for the outdoors through her travels both near and far.  

Lili received her undergraduate degree at High Point University in North Carolina specializing in Elementary Education. Once she graduated, she relocated back to Maine before heading out west to live in Colorado and Oregon for 8 years. While in Oregon, Lili pursued her certification in Montessori education in hopes of learning a more holistic approach to teaching and educating young minds.  

Through her travels, she learned the importance of collaboration and team work to help make the world a better place to be. Her interest in the outdoors allowed her to fold her passion for teaching others with her desire to raise awareness about the accessibility of renewable energy.  

Aside from advising others of their options to become a Solar Champion, she strives to be the best mom she can to her daughter, Sydney, and her pup, Polly. Lili loves the thrill of finding a new trail to explore, a new road to bike, a new recipe to try, or a new person to meet. You can likely find her surrounded by her family chasing that coveted slice of sunshine to enjoy.

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