Frank Kuteesa

Thermal Installer

Frank was born and raised in Wakiso, Uganda, just outside of the capital Kampala, on the northern shore of Lake Victoria. At Kampala's Kyambogo University, he received a diploma in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, in addition to a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.

Frank is now an HVAC technician with ten years of experience. For the first four years of his career, he was employed by M.K. Electrowatt Limited, where he developed his skills. In 2009, he and a colleague started their own company, Biz Technical Services Limited. It began as a "briefcase company" with no office - they operated out of their vehicles and held meetings in restaurants. Despite the lack of a physical office, they managed to land many clients, and after about six months they were able to rent a small space in a suburb of Kampala.

They started out with only two tables and chairs, but by the end of 2009 had hired on two more technicians. The company has continued to prosper since then. It now has 25 technicians, five additional staff members, and it wins big installations, service and maintenance contracts of air conditioning systems both domestic and commercial.

Frank considers himself a self-starter, and since he joined on in 2019, the North Andover, Massachusetts crew has seen that he is not only that, but also a good and dedicated team player.

Being an employee-owner at ReVision Energy is a natural fit for Frank because, in his words, "I'm dedicated to my work like I'm doing my own business - and indeed doing my own business knowing that when I do it wrong I will count the losses, and when I get it perfectly the first time, I'm going to enjoy the profits."

Frank's favorite part of his work is when an installation has wrapped up nicely and he gets to do the walkthrough with a client. "It really feels good," Frank shared.