Jonathan Hart

Master Electrician

Jonathan grew up in central Massachusetts in the little town of Holden. As a child he loved the outdoors, spending innumerable hours wandering around the neighborhood, looking for edible plants and signs of animals. He was a Boy Scout and earned the admired status of Eagle Scout.

An avid trombone player, Jonathan took his love of music to college where he received a BA in Performance and Sound Recording Technologies from University of Massachusetts, Lowell. While Jonathan is not currently playing trombone, he is, at his core, still a musician.

In his mid-twenties, Jonathan jumped on the opportunity to move to Colorado. There, like so many people, he enjoyed the beauty of the mountains, hiking many of the 14ers, rafting and mountain biking. During his years in Colorado Jonathan decided to shift courses professionally, following in the path of his uncle, grandfather, and great-great uncle, by becoming a fourth generation licensed electrician.

When Jonathan moved to Maine with his family in 2015, they were drawn to Blue Hill by the excellent Waldorf school. When looking for work opportunities, ReVision Energy offered a way for him to put his electrician's license to work within a company that aligned with his own values, becoming one of our B Corps facilitators.

Outside of ReVision, Jonathan spends time with his family, and is a founding member of a fledgling intentional community. He is also an avid student of permaculture and has earned his Permaculture Design Certification.