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Hello sunshine.So long fossil fuels.

Stop paying too much for dirty, fossil fueled electricity and start owning your power. Join New England's rapidly accelerating clean energy movement and say hello to your solar future!
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ReVision Energy: Local Solar Professionals Since 2003

We’re Experienced

With a strong local presence in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts, we’re committed to quality at all stages of our work.

We’re Employee-Owned

Everyone at ReVision is a co-owner and is equally invested in building a better future powered by the sun.

We’re a B Corp

We strive to be a source of environmental and social justice, through advocacy, education, and internal initiatives.


Want to help us build a brighter future?

Join our Team!

ReVision Energy is looking to grow our team of motivated and highly skilled solar professionals. If you are passionate about making Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts a less oil-dependent place, apply to join our team today!



What Our Customers Say

It may sound corny, but solar has changed my life. Anytime it’s a sunny day, I have an extra smile on my face. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done!

Mark Boren in Dover, New Hampshire

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