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Get Ready to Begin Your Solar Journey

Solar energy costs have dropped by 74% in the last 10 years, offering homes, businesses, and institutions the opportunity to lock in clean energy at a rate that beats the local utility.

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What Our Customers Say

Solar is a unique win-win – every dollar saved thanks to solar is re-invested in the local economy rather than exported to a big fossil fuel company. We currently export millions of dollars from our local economy each year on energy, imagine what an impact it would make if that money stayed locally. Solar, and everything that goes with it (weatherization, conversion to heat pumps, electric cars) has the potential to re-invent our economy for the 21st century and simultaneously protect these natural resources we cherish.

Gary Friedmann (Town Councilor) in Town of Bar Harbor, Maine

ReVision Energy: Local Solar Professionals Since 2003

experienced solar installers in Maine


To ensure maximum performance and longevity in a relatively harsh northern climate, our solar energy systems are designed by our in-house engineers from Brown, Dartmouth, MIT, UMaine and UNH. Our professional solar technicians carry NABCEP certifications and have state electrical and plumbing licenses.



We install more solar than anyone in Maine or New Hampshire, which means we can pass volume savings on to you. We stock the highest quality components so you can get the best value for your renewable energy investment.


We Are a B-Corp

ReVision Energy is committed to making a difference in the communities in which we work and live. We donate our time and resources to schools and nonprofits with a passion to create a sustainable future for coming generations. As a Certified B-Corp, we have formalized this commitment to the community into our business practices.