Low-Moderate Income Programs

Solar for Low-to-Moderate Income & Environmental Justice Communities

Mascoma Meadows WebTo democratize the clean energy transition, ReVision Energy is proactively helping low-to-moderate income (LMI) and environmental justice (EJ) communities gain access to solar energy, heat pumps, battery storage, and electric vehicle charging stations.

Historically, financial barriers have blocked LMI and EJ communities from accessing clean energy solutions, but we are on a mission to help solve the environmental problems caused by fossil fuels, while simultaneously alleviating economic and social injustice. 

Because LMI and EJ communities disproportionately suffer from fossil fuel pollution and costs, we are committed to focusing more resources on this underserved demographic.

Resources for LMI Solar Initiatives

Installing clean energy systems at zero upfront cost through creative financing is the most effective way for LMI and EJ communities to access clean energy solutions. In addition to inviting you, dear reader, to lend your financial support, we are pursuing every possible funding and financing opportunity.


The High-Efficiency Electric Home Rebates Act (HEEHRA), included in the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, is designed to help cover the cost of electrifying homes for LMI households. The 10 year rebate program allows qualifying households to receive discounts when purchasing electrification products, such as heat pumps and heat pump water heaters.

To qualify for HEEHRA, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Low-income households: Less than 80% of your area’s median family income 
  • Moderate-income households: 80% to 150% of your area’s median income for families

There are many qualifying electrification purchases for the HEEHRA rebate, but not every qualifying purchase has equal rebate savings. Here’s how much you can save for each installation project:

Electrification Project Maximum Rebates
Heat pumps $8,000
Circuit breaker panel $4,000
Electrical wiring $2,500
Heat pump water heaters $1,750
Weatherization (insulation, air sealing, and ventilation) $1,600

Home Energy Rebates under HEEHRA are not yet available, but we expect New England states to launch programs available to their residents in 2024. For more information on HEEHRA and how to take advantage of this program, visit Rewiring America's guide.

Federal Grants:

We are seeking grant opportunities from a variety of federal sources to fund LMI-EJ community solar projects. If you know of any federal grant opportunities ReVision should explore, please contact us here.

State Grants:

We have been fortunate to win state grant funding in ME and NH and continue to scour the northern New England landscape for grant opportunities to support clean energy for LMI and EJ communities. If your organization is interested to partner with ReVision Energy to apply for state solar grants, please be in touch for a discussion about the grant application requirements and the process involved. If you are aware of a state grant opportunity, please contact us here.

Foundation Grants:

Some foundations exist to fund climate change and renewable energy initiatives for LMI and EJ communities. We seek to identify such mission-aligned foundations where grant opportunities exist and apply for funds to build community solar for LMI-EJ members. We welcome foundations that share in our mission and charitable works to partner with us, and encourage them to contact us here. Likewise, we will appreciate anyone who may be in possession of information about the existence of relevant foundations to recommend us to those foundations or inform us and we will be happy to reach out.

Donations from Families & Individuals:

We are grateful to receive financial support from families and individuals who want to help LMI-EJ communities access clean energy. Any gift or donation helps to build clean energy systems for underserved communities in New England. Although ReVision does not directly receive donations, interested parties can initiate the conversation with us and we will identify the LMI-EJ communities to benefit from the sponsorship.

  • In 2021, we launched the Solar Support Initiative in northern New England to help individuals and families who face economic barriers to solar investment. This “no-strings-attached” program is a collaboration between ReVision and the Miers family, and offers financial help to qualifying households in our territory. For 2022, our goal is to help 12 families achieve greater economic security through cost-effective solar projects and their related home technologies. If you are interested in applying, please email Justin Miers at juiceboxkowski@gmail.com for more information.

Alternatively, families or individuals who may have identified their own beneficiary communities or families, but need our support to execute the project, can contact us to provide the necessary guidance and support.

Impact Investor Financing:

Impact investors have been crucial to our past success in delivering clean energy to LMI-EJ communities. If you are interested in impact investment opportunities with ReVision, please visit our Impact Investor pages.

Low-Interest Loans:

Banks and financial institutions offering below-market-rate loans are our targets for a partnership to build community solar projects for the benefit of our LMI-EJ electric customers. We are open to working with such institutions to raise loans to develop the programs.

Community solar projects