Malcolm Sonnett

Solar Design Specialist Team Manager

Malcolm has roots in the Appalachian mountains of Virginia and the Rockies of Wyoming, but recently resettled in New Hampshire in search of a happy medium.

He loves the outdoors - snowboarding, soccer, hiking, swimming, and camping - and is grateful to be in an area with so much to offer.

Though his background is in mechanical engineering, he has pursued a variety of work, from organic farming and agricultural machine design to community building and environmental protection with the Peace Corps. Ultimately, his interest and experience in architecture and engineering led him to remodeling and energy systems, commercial HVAC design, and off-grid water pumping.

The desire to find the intersection between various energy solutions, their economic feasibility, and meaningful community impact led him to ReVision in 2017 as design specialist with a thermal focus. He finds great satisfaction in having the tools to show customers a variety of custom solutions and their projected costs and benefits, and even more satisfaction in being part of a team with aligned values.