Vote for Justice

In our quest to help build a better and more just society, ReVision Energy is committed to empowering our employee-owners, customers, and the voting public at the ballot box.

MicrosoftTeams-image (94).pngOn this page you can find information about how to register and vote in our home states of Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts, as well as resources to help you see where candidates stand on issues of racial and environmental justice.

Find your resources by state to register and vote in person or absentee, as well as important dates for elections and other deadlines:

Click on your state!

If you're all ready to vote, you can volunteer your time (or funds) to ensure others are ready and able to vote as well with the resources below. Here is a list of great organizations working to increase voter turnout, and make sure everyone has equal access to exercise their right to vote!

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Ongoing: Volunteer with Black Voices Change Lives - It's time to get out the vote! Call and text voters in you area before election day so they vote like their lives depend on it – because they do!
  • more soon!