Financing & Incentives

Though going solar is becoming more and more affordable, the initial cost of hardware and installation is still a large barrier for many who are eager to enjoy the benefits of solar, but don't have the savings to pay the upfront investment. Luckily there are several options to make the transition to solar more affordable.

Financing and loans are a common way residents and businesses can install solar without paying a large upfront cost. Additionally, local programs and incentives can add additional cost reduction to solar projects. 

Growing Solar Support Programs 

As the country moves collectively towards our electric future, an increasing number of financial support programs are getting developed to grow access to solar and its many benefits. ReVision Energy is committed to increasing access to solar for everyone in our communities, and connecting people to programs that can offer resources to going solar.

Historically, financial barriers have blocked low-to-moderate income (LMI) families from accessing clean energy solutions. We are proactively focused on helping LMI communities gain access to solar energy, heat pumps, battery storage and electric vehicle charging stations, through grants, investors, and other financial resources. 

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