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Making Solar-Powered Music with Monaco Studios
Sam and Melanie Monaco have converted their 1840 farmhouse to an energy-efficient recording studio in Falmouth, ME that uses solar energy and air source heat pumps for heating and cooling.
Clean Energy Incentives for Massachusetts Residents
Go solar in Massachusetts and take advantage of the numerous clean energy incentives available for Massachusetts homes and businesses. ReVision Energy can help you navigate the most up to date incentives and offers so you can save on your electric bills and save our planet with solar.
Rational Cause for Optimism: Goliath Joining David?
Some in the fossil fuel industry might be making the switch to renewable energy.
EV Corner: Range Anxiety
If you started every day with a full tank of gas, how often would you need to stop at a gas station?
Rational Cause for Optimism: Leveling Up the Clean Tech Playing Field
Examining domestic raw materials throughout the clean energy supply chain.
Maine Utility Offers Decreased Electric Rate for Heat Pumps: A Brief Overview
Maine-based utility CMP has launched two decreased rate programs for certain customers. Take advantage of savings from heat pumps and other home electrification products.
EV Corner: Doggone Electric Vehicles
There is something about EVs and Dogs that can’t be ignored.
Looking Back & Looking Ahead: Commercial Solar Operations
As part of our 20th Anniversary celebrations, we’ll be showcasing a different ReVision team every month. We'll look at how the team and its roles have changed over the past two decades, and glance ahead at what the future might hold.
Massachusetts Team Adds New Employee-Owners
Our Massachusetts team, based in North Andover, is growing to meet the demands of the North Shore. Get to know some of our recent additions!
Solar for Women: An Interview With Riley Neugebauer
Riley Neugebauer, the founder of Solar for Women and a skilled electrician with years of solar installation experience under her belt, discusses how we can increase gender equality in the industry.
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