Under the Sun Blog

Rational Cause for Optimism: Hurricane Strength Resilience
A solar-powered community in Florida can be looked to as a model for resilience-based building.
Cornucopia Project
Led by one of our Solar Champions, Cornucopia Project is a hands-on nutritional education nonprofit based in New Hampshire’s Monadnock region, and focuses on garden education and healthy food prep, using locally grown foods.
Connection Matters
ReVision’s commitment to learning extends beyond our electrician apprenticeship program to our Leadership program.
Electricians Will Save the World
Vaughan Woodruff, Director of RETC, tackles the way we think about the trades.
EV Corner: Maine's DC Fast Charging Network
Maine is leading the way for installing and harnessing a DC fast charging network that runs across the state.
Solar Monitoring Champions in Lowell
ReVision Energy Solar Champions Leeann and Tim share monitoring and details of their solar system in Lowell, MA.
Rational Cause for Optimism: The Bionic Leaf
Co-founder Phil Coupe explores the new and exciting technology surrounding renewable energy production, storage, and the exciting Bionic Leaf.
ReVision Energy's Guide to the Federal Solar Tax Credit
Use ReVision Energy's guide to learn about the federal solar tax credit (ITC) for home and business owners. Receive a 30% credit on your solar project, including heat pumps, heat pump water heaters, batteries, and EV charging.
Notes from a Summer Intern: Caroline Heyburn
Caroline, one of our summer interns, shares her experience as a Marketing Intern at ReVision.
Inflation Reduction Act: A Historic Energy Bill
The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (IRA) includes landmark climate action investment which could reduce US carbon emissions by 6.3 billion tons in the next decade.
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