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Q&A with Maine Green Broker, Julia Bassett Schwerin
Julia Bassett Schwerin, a Certified Maine Green Broker, shares her insights on solar homes, and the evolving real estate…

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Double the Solar, Double the Champion: Solar with the Leonis
The Leonis went solar with ReVision twice. Learn about their experience selling a home with solar, and why they decided…
From Solar-Powered Farm to Solar-Powered Home
Brooke and Rita installed solar at their Salisbury, MA farm, before selling it and installing solar at their new home in…
Buying a Home with Solar Panels
Buying a home with solar panels already installed is a smart investment. Here are some things to consider before putting…
Maine PUC Report: Benefits of Solar Outweigh Program Costs
A new report by the Maine Public Utilities Commission has found that the tangible economic benefits of the Net Energy…
How Partially Offsetting Your Electric Bill Still Saves You Money
Investing in solar saves money and contributes to a sustainable future, even with less than 100% offset on your…
How to Navigate the Solar Boom: Questions to Ask a Solar Company
Entering the solar market? Learn how to navigate the boom and what questions to ask before you commit.
Who Can You Electrify?
Co-founder Phil Coupe talks with climatologist Dr. Cam Wake about the progress we've made in the last decade to reduce…
What Happens to Solar Panels When They Die?
Deconstruct the process of solar panel recycling and learn how ReVision Energy leads the industry with sustainable…
How Maine Battery Storage Owners Can Support the Grid and Earn Rewards
Maine homeowners with battery storage systems can support the grid during high-demand periods and earn rewards through…