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Electrify Everything Everywhere All At Once
Francis and Karen Maineri, in New Hampton, NH, opted to electrify their entire house at once.
Solar is a Resilient Investment Against Inflation
Investing in solar energy is a smart financial decision. Even during inflation, the best thing you can do with a chunk of capital is invest it in solar and take control over your financial future.
New Hampshire's First Dedicated EV Auto Dealership
NH’s first dedicated EV and Plug-In Hybrid Dealership helps clients navigate the switch to sustainable transportation with used electric vehicles.
Systems Thinking in Climate Education
ReVision's Climate Educator, Stacy Brown, explores the benefits of systems thinking in climate education.
Solar Champions Live the Solar Lifestyle
Dana and Paula Ward live the solar lifestyle in Biddeford, Maine, with solar panels, heat pumps, solar hot water, and electric vehicle charging.
Clean Energy Innovation in the Face of Geopolitical Conflict
Clean energy innovation is accelerating the inevitable decline of oil, gas and coal, but it will take action from all of us to reach our goals in time.
Making Solar-Powered Music with Monaco Studios
Sam and Melanie Monaco have converted their 1840 farmhouse to an energy-efficient recording studio in Falmouth, ME that uses solar energy and air source heat pumps for heating and cooling.
Range Anxiety Part 2: Equity
This month's EV Corner column is written by Chuck Hayward, EV Infrastructure Designer & Analyst, and explores issues of equity in housing and clean energy access that can be approached through EV charging infrastructure.
We Have a New B Corp Score!
Our B Corp certification requires us to recertify every three years. After this last round, we have achieved a score of 150, which places us in the top 5% of all B Corp businesses.
Clean Energy Incentives for Massachusetts Residents
Go solar in Massachusetts and take advantage of the numerous clean energy incentives available for Massachusetts homes and businesses. ReVision Energy can help you navigate the most up to date incentives and offers so you can save on your electric bills and save our planet with solar.
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