Gwen Baizley

Cultural Compliance Director

Before joining our team in May of 2015, Gwen had spent eight years working for Whole Foods Market where she used her degree from CSU Stanislaus to work in Human Resources. During this time, she lived in Maine, Northern Nevada and Cape Ann in MA where she got to play in and explore many beautiful places from the Atlantic coast to the Sierra Nevada's. She has now returned to Maine for the third time and is here to stay!

Gwen wears a multitude of hats which we call "Culture and Compliance" but is also known as HR. This encompasses everything from ensuring we have a world-class safety program, to having the greatest company culture this side of the Merrimack!

Off duty Gwen is an animal lover, beach bum, gardener, cook, hiker, snowboarder, music fan and astrologer - just to name a few! Joining ReVision has been a dream come true for her, and she is so excited to support a group of people with a collective sense of purpose.