ReVision Energy’s mission is to help Northern New England move away from fossil fuels and onto renewable energy, and as a values-driven company and Certified B Corp, we take a commitment to giving back to the community very seriously.

We help nonprofits in a wide variety of capacities, ranging from direct giving and sponsorships, to innovating ideas around financing and fundraising to help nonprofits go solar, such as our unique-to-the-region donor-driven PPA model.

Our incredible team is also highly dedicated to nonprofits, and many (most?) staff members volunteer or donate to nonprofits in their spare time. ReVision Energy offers a flexible work schedule so that our staff can volunteer time within their regular work week as needed, as well as offering for paid time off for employees to volunteer.

In Kind and Labor Donations

fleet of dual-axis solar trackers at Maine Audubon's campus in Gilsland Farm

A fleet of dual-axis solar trackers at Maine Audubon’s campus in Gilsland Farm was made possible through a unique philanthropic arrangement made by possible by Moody Collision Center, ReVision Energy, and the Audubon

Over the years, ReVision has made equipment and labor donations to help nonprofits move towards solar power. We have also invested thousands of in-kind hours working with nonprofits on grants for solar projects.

Some of the projects we have helped to make happen:


Solar Power Purchase Agreements

As grant-funding diminished post-recession, ReVision Energy’s managing partners looked for a way to continue to support nonprofits, who struggle to go solar due to the high upfront costs and inability to benefit from federal tax incentives. Ironically, nonprofits often have the most to gain from solar projects, as their facilities tend to serve large communities of people.

After over a year of development, in 2012 ReVision Energy launched our unique power purchase agreement program (PPA) specifically targeting nonprofits. While PPAs are common in busier solar markets like California, Massachusetts and New Jersey, we were the first company to bring this model to Maine, and perhaps the first in the industry to design a program to benefit nonprofits more than investors.

The PPA model uses a for-profit entity as a conduit to install solar for a nonprofit. ReVision Energy, thanks to investors such as CEI, sets up a special purpose legal entity for the project and makes the upfront investment. We purchase and install the equipment for the project at no upfront cost to the nonprofit – they simply pay us a fair market rate (slightly less than utility costs) for the power. After a period of years, the nonprofit is able to purchase the system at a reduced rate.

Some of our nonprofit PPA projects: