Our Commitment to Business is a Commitment to a Better World

ReVision co-owners volunteering at Herb Farmacy, whose solar savings helped the owners turn their dream of running an organic farm into a reality.

At ReVision Energy we pride ourselves on having been mission-driven from the start. Our commitment to building a better world isn’t just good for business; it is our business. We are a company that embodies our values in every interaction with our customers, with our suppliers, with our community and of course with each other. We strive to #BtheChange, and try to share stories of all of our co-owner’s stories making a difference in their world.

Being certified as a B Corporation is a validation of those efforts and places us in a community of over 4,000 like-minded businesses worldwide who all agree that business is not just about profits, but can and should be a source for positive social and environmental change in the world.

Furthermore, our continual efforts to improve our standards have brought our certification score up over 30 points since our 2015 certification — more than doubling the average ranking for B Corps. An “ordinary business” (non B-Corp) of the same size as ReVision (50-250 employees) has an average ranking of 53.6; in 2015 ReVision scored 94.4 and in 2018 we scored 125.5. We are currently in the process of recertifying again. We received recognition in 2019, 2021 and 2022 by B Labs as a “Best for the World” company, meaning we were in the Top 5% of B Corps scores worldwide,  thanks to our worker-friendly policies, improvement during B Corp re-certification, and overall positive impact of our business model.

“Our business’s DNA has always been about the mission — driving away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy solutions. B Labs measures that mission with rigorous, 3rd party accountability and proves to our stakeholders that we are walking the talk. We’ve been grateful over our years of doing business, that our customers are attracted not just to the quality of products and services that we offer, but also to the way in which we do business, which is to create the maximum positive social and environmental impact.”

– ReVision Energy Co-Founder Phil Coupe

What is a Certified B Corp?

Certified B CorporationCertified B Corporations are leading a global movement to redefine success in business. By voluntarily meeting higher standards of transparency, accountability, and performance, Certified B Corps are distinguishing themselves in a cluttered marketplace by offering a positive vision of a better way to do business. Certified B Corps are competing to be not just ‘The Best in the World’, but ‘The Best for the World’.

The B Corp Certification denotes that a business has committed itself to a defined set of non-traditional business practices that benefit employees, customers, and the broader community by creating a positive impact on society and the environment.

B Corps differ from traditional corporations in purpose, accountability, and transparency, but not in taxation. In a traditional corporation, shareholders judge the company’s financial performance; with a B Corp, shareholders judge performance based on how a corporation’s goals benefit society and the environment. Transparency provisions require benefit corporations to publish annual benefit reports of their social and environmental performance using a comprehensive, credible, independent and transparent third-party standard.

We’re in the Business of Building a Better World

boys and girls club of manchester new hampshire

An example of the way we do business differently is our recent PPA for the Boys & Girls Club.

At ReVision, we’ve always been purpose-driven, motivated by our mission to expand access to solar and its beneficial technology across New England for the good of generations to come. Our daily business is sharing the knowledge of solar power with the people and businesses in our communities, and we’re always looking for ways to push our purpose further.

Business and purpose go hand-in-hand at ReVision, whether we’re helping a town save money through an offsite solar array or helping individuals reach their dream of operating an organic, clean energy farm. We also partner with local non-profits to expand solar access to great organizations like the Boys and Girls Club of Manchester, NH, pictured right. Thanks to our impact investors, the solar arrays built through the PPA will save the nonprofit an estimated $850,000 in energy costs for no upfront cost.

Through programs, partnerships, and even getting involved in legislature change, our company leads the movement of creating a clean energy future. Building a better world is what we’ve been about since day one.

Striving for Positive Change is part of Being a ReVision Employee-Owner

“I love working for a B-Corp because I can bring my whole self to work. No need to check my values at the door!”

– Dan, ReVision co-owner

During the 2020 election, our co-owners virtually volunteered to help get members of their community registered to vote.

For our ReVision Energy co-owners, the ideals of a B Corp go beyond conducting business; doing good for our planet and our communities is part of who we are, even after our ReVision work is done. Many members of our company start working at ReVision because their own personal values align with our mission. Working for a B Corp is second-nature for many, and we are proud of all the powerful, positive ways our co-owners get involved in their communities and beyond.

For our co-owners, B Corp practices have included in-person and virtual volunteering in our communities, getting involved in pushing impactful policy change, and taking care of our local spaces through clean ups and trail maintenance.

We Love B Corps: ReVision Employee-Owners Talk About B Corp Certification


For more information on B Corps, visit the B Corp Website or watch the video below.