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Solar Fusion: Uniting ReVision and Sunbug with Nick d'Arbeloff
ReVision acquired Sunbug four months ago. Learn about how our two organizations are coming together as one with Nick d'Arbeloff.

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ReVision Energy’s Solar Holiday Gift Guide
Looking to show your appreciation for your loved ones as the year comes to a close? We’ve updated our holiday guide of gift ideas that show how much you care, and support our local businesses and nonprofits, which is even more important than usual this year.
Solar Fusion: How Sunbug Solar Joins ReVision Energy
Sunbug Solar is officially a ReVision Energy company. In this blog column we’re planning to take you behind the scenes to transparently showcase how two major New England solar companies join forces to more effectively fight the climate crisis.
Gift Guide for all types of Solar Champions
Use ReVision Energy's Solar Powered Gift Guide to give your loved ones a bundle from organizations that really care about our environment and local community.
PPAs: Financing Solar for Nonprofits
Because nonprofits can’t take advantage of the federal tax credit for solar, solar PPAs are a great way organizations can enjoy the same benefits of clean solar power.
Colby College Senior Explores the B Corp Certification
Colby College Senior Georgia Duttman focused her senior thesis on a B Corp-like certification for Maine's cannabis industry.
B Corp Collaboration
Learning From Fellow B Corps Part of being a B Corp is creating positive impacts for our own workers. In 2021 we were honored to receive the distinction
Pathway to Clean Energy for Maine Businesses
A group of Maine businesses launched project “On the Pathway to 100% Clean Energy.” ReVision is helping as a member of the Leadership Circle.
AABE Pushes for Energy Justice and Education
The Pursuit of Clean and Equitable Energy For decades, black and brown communities have been disproportionally affected by pollution, utility shut-offs,
ORIS Mobile Food Market Adds Solar-Powered Refrigeration
Solar-Powered ORIS Mobile Food Market Fights Food Insecurity in New Hampshire Communities Anyone who has seen the classic film "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang"