Astrid Blanco

Workforce Specialist

Astrid was born in El Salvador and came to the U.S. when she was 3, quickly learning the language of sarcasm - err, English.

She was a professional job hunter before coming to ReVision Energy, helping disabled and special needs adults find work and then helping them learn and transition into their jobs. Before that she was a Senior Permit Coordinator for another solar company.

Put those roles together and you get a ReVision HR person in charge of hiring! Astrid feels good about working at ReVision and is super happy to be a part of this team. She is looking forward to helping it grow and bring more amazing people on board. She's always wanted to work at a place that makes a difference in the world, and says, "Now I can do that, as well as making a difference for the other people here working to make a difference!"

Astrid has the uncanny ability to name any movie she's seen within seconds of being shown random clips.