Rae Axner

Solar Installer & Electrical Apprentice

Before coming to ReVision Rae managed teen development programs focusing on food and environmental justice, worked on produce farms, and had many odd jobs in between. 

Rae likes working with her hands and has considered getting into the trades for many years. She believes that becoming an electrician will be a sustainable way to continue doing work she enjoys while also helping reduce the harms of climate change. She is excited to learn, and to one day support other women, queer folks, and others that are underrepresented in the trades to be able to explore these careers. 

In her free time Rae likes to swim, hike, bike, eat, and spend time with friends and family. She just moved to Belfast Maine after growing up and living in Somerville, Mass. until now, so she is excited to explore and get to know a new place.