Andrew Clark

Commercial Developer, Solar & EV

Andrew has a decade of experience working in the clean energy transition. First, he was a part of the “rEVolution,” personally delivering the first Tesla Electric Vehicles in New England. He then transitioned to working in Solar to charge all those EVs. As a ReVision employee-owner, Andrew develops Solar and EV Charging solutions with Commercial,… Read more

Angela Kuketz

Master Electrician

Angela started her electrical apprenticeship in 2006, and worked for a small shop on the South Shore of Massachusetts. There, she worked on a variety of electrical projects, including roughing and finishing high end houses, wiring pools and spa’s, and performing all of the electrical work in commercial tenant fit ups. Angela’s prior experience was… Read more

Aidan Scanlon

Solar Design Specialist

Aidan (she/hers) grew up in Andover, MA and spent summers on a small lake in Maine. Constantly exploring everything New England had to offer. Whether it be digging out her own garden in the backyard or identifying different species along the lakeshore, she has always been enamored with the natural world. During her undergraduate career… Read more

Marc DeLucia

Solar Design Specialist

Marc has lived in many places throughout his life, but Austin, TX and Vieques, PR have been the places he’s lived the longest.  With a recent move to NH, he traded eternal summer for four seasons and an opportunity to be closer to family. Marc has a Bachelor of Science in Geography Resources and Environmental… Read more

Ramon Heredia

Technical Site Visit Specialist

Ramon enjoys working with his hands while helping missions he believes in. He worked as an academic coach for children with social and emotional disorders at a transitional high school, which he found very rewarding. He learned the electricians trade working with his brother during the summer and winter breaks, and learned that he enjoyed… Read more

Daria Scofield

Solar Advisor

Daria is from Hamilton, MA. She has lived in Massachusetts her whole life and absolutely loves helping residents and businesses in her home state transition to clean energy. She holds a Bachelor of Science from Salem State University where she studied Geography and Environmental Sustainability. In the Fall of her senior year she completed an… Read more

Nik Freeman

Thermal Crew Lead

Nik was born in the center of a star 2,000 years ago in dimension R-410A. He traveled through space and time to Earth in order to become proficient in all trades before returning to his reality to install AC. Nik’s portal gun broke and is currently stuck here, so he figured he’d blend in with… Read more

Gabe Fiorini

Technical Site Visit Specialist

Gabe joined ReVision as site visit specialist in 2018 after two years in the role at a different solar company. He has also worked as a project manager and carpenter for a renovation company on the South Shore, and before that was a graduate student at the University of New Orleans studying conservation biology, herpetology,… Read more

Sam Pillsbury

Operations Specialist / Construction Supervisor / Electrician / Breakfast Chief

Sam was born and raised in the Granite State. A majority of the stories from his formative years are NSFW. He got up to a lot of typical small-town shenanigans, and got away with nothing. His mother was a nurse, and his father was a mechanic in a small farming neighborhood. From a young age,… Read more

Tony Long

Journeyman Electrician

Tony has a lifetime of experience in and around the construction industry. After more than 6 years in the solar industry, Tony joined the North Andover ReVision team in early 2019. After hours and years of hard work, he finished and passed his journeyman’s test and became a licensed electrician in January 2020! Tony is… Read more

Erin Buckley

Operations Project Coordinator

Erin (she/her/hers) grew up in Haddam, CT along the Connecticut River. She spent much of her time outdoors, and when it was time to attend college chose to move up to Vermont to be closer to the mountains. She attended St. Michael’s College near Burlington, VT where she spent her weekends rock climbing and hiking… Read more

Andrew Hikade

Solar Design Specialist

Andrew was born and raised in Downeast, Maine and received a BA in Environmental Policy and Economics from Acadia University in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. Andrew’s hobbies include surfing, climbing, trail running, fishing, and he loves to read…EVERYTHING! He enjoys traveling and experiencing new cultures and has a passion for helping protect public lands. Andrew was… Read more

Frank Kuteesa

Thermal Installer

Frank was born and raised in Wakiso, Uganda, just outside of the capital Kampala, on the northern shore of Lake Victoria. At Kampala’s Kyambogo University, he received a diploma in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, in addition to a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Frank is now an HVAC technician with ten years of experience…. Read more

Malcolm Sonnett

Solar Design Specialist Team Manager

Malcolm has roots in the Appalachian mountains of Virginia and the Rockies of Wyoming, but recently resettled in New Hampshire in search of a happy medium. He loves the outdoors — snowboarding, soccer, hiking, swimming, and camping — and is grateful to be in an area with so much to offer. Though his background is… Read more

Dan McCarthy

Residential and Small Commercial PV Designer

Dan was born in Washington, DC and grew up in Marlborough, MA. Always into life outdoors, Dan has an activity for every season and enjoys all that New England has to offer. His interest in green energy started while at University of Massachusetts Amherst where he received a BS in Building and Construction Technology. It… Read more

John Murphy

Solar Design Specialist

John is a NH native who has recently made the transition to Boston, Massachusetts. After receiving a Finance degree from the University of New Hampshire, John pursued an MBA in Finance at Southern New Hampshire University. While attending SNHU, John tailored his studies to focus on the world of renewable energy, specifically the solar industry…. Read more

Brittany Angelo

Regional Marketing Manager | Branch Manager

Brittany (she/her/hers) grew up splitting her childhood time between Sutton, Massachusetts and Killington, Vermont, where she spent her time enjoying the natural landscape with her skiing and hiking adventures. In November 2016, she joined ReVision Energy’s marketing team, and was the friendly face that many Portland clients first saw. In 2018, Brittany expanded her role,… Read more

Don LaRuffa

Commercial Solar Sales Consultant

Don moved to Southern NH from Long Island when he was 7.  He has always loved the outdoors and has a real passion (his wife calls it obsession) for fishing.  Don feels very fortunate to grow up in a time when summer vacation equaled getting on his bike in the morning and playing in the woods all day until… Read more

Bob Morton

Solar Design Specialist

Bob has a degree in Marine Biology and an MBA with a concentration in Business to Business Marketing. He has worked in environmental consulting and sales & marketing software. He installed his first photovoltaic array in 2009 and has been on a CO₂ Mission ever since. Bob’s philosophy is that helping folks go green and save green… Read more

Clark Crawford

Branch Manager, Operations Coordinator

Clark was born in Ohio and grew up in Southern California until his family returned to Cincinnati for his high school years. He has always gravitated towards living comfortably by working with nature instead of against it, which led him to the rural oasis of Unity College where he studied Sustainable Energy Management. His career… Read more

James Manzer

Managing Director

James started with ReVision Energy in November of 2014 as an Energy Advisor. His original career path was in EcoTourism where he brought his passion for sustainability to hotels, resorts, and building projects.  He oversaw a number of energy efficiency upgrade projects and renewable energy projects at a number of medium to large residential and… Read more