Solar Savings for Maine Municipal & Commercial Customers at No Upfront Cost.

Large commercial, institutional, and municipal customers in Maine can save by replacing their electrical bill with local, clean solar energy at no initial cost. Lock in 20 years of energy savings by signing up to buy Net Energy Billing (NEB) credits from an off-site ReVision Energy solar project right here in Maine.

Thanks to a strong local presence and 15+ years of experience, ReVision Energy is leading the way for Maine municipalities and businesses to make full use of the NEB program through offsite solar. There has never been a better time for municipalities, water districts, schools, hospitals, and other municipal customers to take advantage of solar energy savings and communal benefits.

Local Clean Energy Responsibly Built by Mainers, for Mainers


Maine’s first multi-town solar project, a 4-megawatt solar array, generates clean, renewable energy for five municipalities at no upfront cost

Now that Maine has joined the numerous other states offering Net Energy Billing (NEB), local municipalities and businesses can enjoy the expanded financial benefits of local solar. Maine is strongly positioned to further its clean energy goals under the NEB program through offsite projects, given our state’s abundance of local, affordable land, convenient utility infrastructure, and unique solar insolation. ReVision Energy thoughtfully and diligently sites the solar arrays and builds projects up to 5-megawatts.

Maine’s first multi-town solar project made possible with Net Energy Billing

In late 2020, our state’s first multi-town solar project went live. The 4-megawatt array in Skowhegan is ReVision Energy’s largest project to date, and generates clean, renewable energy for the City of Rockland, the Towns of Topsham, Rangeley, Dover-Foxcroft, Vassalboro, and the Vassalboro Community School. These communities offset their energy cost with solar at no upfront costs, and have a 20-year contract to buy locally produced power at a discounted rate with ReVision Energy.

“Going solar with ReVision Energy made both economic and environmental sense for the City of Rockland,” said Julie Hashem, the Community Development Director for the City of Rockland. “ReVision has been great to work with, and we are excited the project is now on line and generating savings.”

Watch the video below for a webinar on how the Net Energy Billing program benefits Maine municipalities, or read on to learn the details about the program and ReVision Energy’s offsite solar projects.

Net Energy Billing Program Overview

With the passing of LD 1711 in 2019, Maine opened the door for businesses and municipal organizations to participate in shared local solar and receive significant energy savings. For qualifying customers, the program offers the ability to offset their energy bill in the form of monetary credits. These credits are calculated by the total net energy generated by renewable systems that are linked to the grid. A customer can build up unused credits, which appear on their electricity bill and can be applied to future or past energy usage.

Commercial and municipal customers can lock in significant cost savings for 20 years by buying discounted solar NEB credits generated ReVision Energy offsite projects. Without needing to install solar panels on their roofs or properties, they sign a 20-year contract with no upfront cost and receive monetary credits on their electricity bill.

Read our Net Energy Billing FAQs for more details on how the program works.

Why choose ReVision Energy?

revision energy installers maine municipal solar array

Our highly trained team can install and maintain a large off-site solar project with no subcontractors or third party.

For customers looking to take full advantage of the NEB program, a partnership with ReVision Energy ensures consistent energy savings and consistent support for the entirety of the 20-year agreement, thanks to. When LD 1711 passed, Maine’s utility companies called upon our team to spearhead the rollout of the NEB program and help commercial and municipal customers navigate the nuances of the program.

Local Experts, Local Commitment

Founded in Maine, our first commitment is always to our local customers and community. Our local presence and fully integrated business allow us to develop the best-in-class arrays, oversee their construction, and provide constant services to prevent system issues. We work with state environmental departments to locate sites for offsite projects that are flat, uninhibited, and close to local grid infrastructure. This ensures that our offsite solar arrays will cost less to construct and maintain, and will generate clean energy for years to come. The projects we’ve built since the launch of the NEB program have brought economic and sustainable benefits to districts and commercial businesses all over Maine.

revision energy technicians maintain solar arrays

Our technicians keep our off-site systems in top shape  – sun, rain, or snow!

Quality Service, Longterm Support

As a full-service design, engineering, and installation company with an unmatched depth of experience in Northern New England, we install mature technologies that are ready to withstand 35+ years of harsh Maine winters. We streamline system installation and eliminate the confusion and difficulty of working with multiple subcontractors by using our own highly trained team of professional solar technicians on every project.

In addition to NABCEP certification (the industry’s highest level of training and accreditation), our technicians carry state solar installer certification. Our technicians also perform regularly scheduled preventative maintenance to ensure our off-site systems operate at peak performance over the long haul. In addition, should you need assistance any time, day or night, our technicians are on call for you.

ReVision’s in-house Operations and Maintenance (O&M) service division actively monitors and serves our commercial solar systems throughout northern New England, including the dozens of large-scale municipal projects we have installed and numerous systems owned by third-party investors. Our standard O&M process is to monitor system performance every month and quickly mobilize service personnel to address any issues. Our dedicated service team works are ready around the clock to meet the customer’s needs.

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