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Lake Street Fire Station | Nashua, NH

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    Lake Street Web

    Photo credit: Peter Johnson, City of Nashua
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    Lake Street 2 Web

    Photo credit: Peter Johnson, City of Nashua

The city of Nashua, NH took another stride toward meetings its energy goals with the Lake Street Fire Station by installing more than 400 solar panels atop the building's roof.

This is one of three locations the city and ReVision Energy teamed up to install - this project being the city's first municipal solar array.

The total number of solar panels installed on the rooftop of the fire station is 409. There are 297 on the Nashua Transit Garage; and just shy of 1,300 on the Conway Arena. All three sites combined will save the city approximately $3.75 million during the 40-year lifespan, and will eliminate more than 700,000 pounds of carbon pollution every year.

The fire station's array will generate approximately 140,000 kilowatt-hours of clean energy annually, offsetting 150,000 pounds of carbon pollution each year.

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