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Goodwill Hinckley Offsite Array | Freeport, ME

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    Goodwill Hinkley Off Site

This multi off-taker, offsite array was made possible through the Net Energy Billing program in Maine.

With 2,652 solar panels, a ground-mounted offsite solar array in Fairfield will now be providing clean, renewable energy to the Town of Freeport, and Freeport Sewer District in Maine. Solar production from the array will offset municipal off-takers' electric bills at no upfront cost through Net Energy Billing Credits and contribute renewable energy to the grid.

Each year, the array will generate roughly 1,212,189 kilowatt-hours of electricity, offsetting the equivalent of 2 million miles driven in a gas-powered car, and keeping more than 1.8 millions pounds of carbon pollution out of the atmosphere.

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