ReVision Energy has been helping homes, businesses, and institutions in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts switch to clean, renewable, solar power for over 15 years. Now, the pace of that transition is accelerating rapidly as product costs have gone down and solar efficiency has gone up. So, “Why go solar?” The goal of this guide is to shine some light (hehe) on the subject and to answer that question in thorough, bite-sized chunks:


Solar Is An Abundant Resource

Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts’s solar resource is a full 33% greater than Germany, a world leader in solar. With solar prices at the lowest ever, and state policy that enables you to reduce your grid dependence, it’s never been a better time to put the sun’s energy to work for you.



Solar Can Offset Fossil Fuel Use

Knowing the basics of solar electricity and how it is billed to you is the start to learning how anyone can reduce their fossil fuel use with solar energy.


Solar Is An Economic Opportunity

When you factor in solar’s significantly reduced equipment costs and reliable performance, the average return on investment of solar energy ranges from 8% to 12% per year.


Solar Works on the Roof, Ground, or Far Afield

You know solar works if you have a south facing roof, but what if your house has a lot of trees around it? What if you live in an apartment? This chapter talks about the many ways to go solar, including rooftop, ground mount, and solar farm options.


solar plus heat pumps

Solar Can Heat and Cool Your Home

Stunning progress in solar technology has positioned humankind to make the quantum leap from fossil fuels to clean energy in the coming decade. Learn how solar is the ‘tip of the spear’ for a total clean energy transformation.


Solar Power Can Be Stored for Later Use

The sun isn’t always shining; this doesn’t have to mean you can’t live off of the sun all day and all night. Next-generation solar powered battery systems are making it possible to consider cutting the cord from the power company completely.


solar works in winter

Solar Works in Winter

New England gets abundant sunshine in the summer, but how do solar arrays hold up when the long cold months comes and the snow piles up? You might be surprised to learn the answer is that a solar electricity system’s performance rises when the mercury drops.


Why go solar? The solar array in this picture is part of a solution to our environmental problems.

Solar Is An Environmental Solution

The costs of climate change are real and daunting. Solar is the most promising technology for transitioning humankind from fossil fuels to a clean energy economy, and here we crunch the numbers to show how achievable a 100% clean energy future actually is.



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