AMC Highland Center Lodge – Bretton Woods, NH

A second solar installation for the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) will help them reach their goals of cutting their carbon footprint 80% by the year 2050. A 46-panel rooftop array at their energy-efficient Highland Center will generate roughly 15,440 kilowatt-hours per year. 

This 14.7 kilowatt grid-tied solar electric system, combined with a 73.2 kilowatt ground mount at AMC’s Cardigan Lodge will contribute to sequestering the same amount of carbon each year as 85 acres of forest. Alongside their Highland Center solar array, AMC is installing a ME-manufacturing Pika battery system for back-up.

Strong advocates for conservation and education, AMC’s mission is to connect people to the outdoors so they can develop a deep appreciation of the natural world.

By the numbers:

System size: 14.7 kilowatts (46 solar panels)
System output: 15,440 kilowatt-hours/yr
CO₂ reduction: 16,258 pounds/yr