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Bissell Brothers Brewing Co. | Portland, ME

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Bissell Brothers, a local, Maine brewing company, is now crafting their widely loved beverages with the power of the sun!

The Portland-based company partnered with our South Portland team to install solar panels on their newly built warehouse at Thompson Point. The ware house sits adjacent to their brewery and taproom, and will power their entire brewery and warehouse. The 114-kilowatt solar project is comprised of 305 panels and will generate over 94,400 kilowatt-hours of clean, solar energy every year. This will offset over 157,000 pounds of CO2 pollution.

Bissell Brothers has been working to implement sustainability efforts and positive business practices in their operations and outreach. Installing solar panels is just the start of their renewable energy journey, as they look to incorporate more solar and complimentary technologies, such as electric vehicles and EV charging. ReVision Energy is thrilled to help the brewery invest in their business and people, and support the well-being of Maine's communities and natural resources.

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