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Clifford Babkir | Sanford, ME

Anne and Cliff Babkirk's 2,875 sq. ft home is fueled almost entirely by the sun. It is heated using electric heat pumps, which in turn get their electricity from their grid-tied solar PV array. The array consists of 35 Conergy-P solar electric panels, capable of producing a total of 8225 Watts of electricity at peak output, or, annually, around 10,281 kWh of clean, renewable electricity. An all-climate air source heat pump provides all heating and cooling needs year round. The Babkirks use a whole-house energy monitor to keep track of their home's energy production and consumption, and call pull the information up in real time on the web! They decided to explore solar in 2008 after paying a punitive amount of money to heat their home with oil.

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