Solar Salute Program

Solar-Salute-Color.jpegSolar Salute: Discount Program for Veterans

Greetings Veterans and Service Members! ReVision Energy is grateful for your service, and we wish to support local heroes through our “Solar Salute.”

This program is for veterans, active duty service members, and reserves who would like to purchase a solar energy system. We offer a $500 discount off a PV system, and/or a $250 discount on thermal energy systems (1 lifetime max per customer for each discount).

Past Solar Champions, such as Air Force Veteran Tim Barry and his wife Jayne, have taken advantage of the Solar Salute program during their solar and home electrification projects. Learn more about their project in our video below:

Why Solar?

The economics of solar energy have never been better! Solar electric systems have no moving parts, and come with a 25 year warranty (expected lifespan of 40-50 years), which means you can lock in your electricity rate for decades.

Solar energy is a reliable, renewable resource. Solar energy contributes jobs to the local economy that cannot be outsourced, and by building our local energy production resources we reduce our dependence on foreign energy sources.

With solar, you achieve three ‘wins’ – A win for your wallet, a win for the environment, and a win for society.

Sign up for Solar Salute

Use the Get Started form below to start a solar evaluation and inquire about the Solar Salute program. Our team will be happy to help you, without obligation or a heavy-handed sales pitch. All information sent to us is private and kept internally with ReVision Energy.

NOTE:  The Solar Salute discount applies to veterans, active duty service members, and reserves. This discount cannot be combined with any other offer. Current customers can utilize the discount within 60 days of their contract date. Please have identification available to verify your military status upon inquiry.