Trade Your Power Bill for Solar

Many people want to go solar but find paying a large upfront sum to be a barrier, or they just feel more comfortable thinking about replacing their electric bill with a loan payment. There’s good news! ReVision Energy is able to offer competitively-priced solar loans that allow you to own your power by going solar.

A solar loan enables you to finance solar plus complementary tech – heat pumps, water heater, electric vehicle charger – all for an affordable monthly payment with no upfront cost. Rather than renting your power from the utility and subject to unexpected rate hikes, you can own your power with a solar loan and control your energy future.

How do solar loans work?

Start the process by talking about solar with ReVision Energy. We will design you a system like we always have. Then, we discuss how a solar loan works, and look at how to build the best loan package possible – often including complementary tech like water heaters and heat pumps, which accelerate the return of investment of solar.

Our loan partners offer a streamlined, consumer-friendly lending process, coupled with easy online access, so customers can instantly qualify for no-money-down loans with fixed interest rates and multiple loan term options.

In this way, you can effectively trade your power bill for solar.

Solar loans are enabling Americans to go solar like never before. Solar energy is one of the safest investment options on the market today, delivering a 100% guaranteed financial return on investment, along with community and environmental returns on investment.

When you produce more electricity than you use, you will send power back into the grid (powering your neighbors’ house!) and earn a credit. Those credits go against your electric bill at other times of the year. So for example, if you complement your solar array with an air source heat pump to provide heat, you can run this electric appliance off of stored sunshine from the summer, in the form of credits you banked with your utility. Many of our customers go from having electric bills of $100-200/mo, to the minimum fee to stay connected to the grid.

Barrett Miles and his fiancée moved into their first home, and with the help of a solar loan they have installed solar power and a heat pump water heater, and plan to add heat pumps, too. We spoke to Barrett about their experience going solar with a solar loan: