Solar Partnerships

Solar Fusion: Uniting ReVision and Sunbug with Nick d'Arbeloff

ReVision Energy’s acquisition of Massachusetts-based Sunbug Solar is unique because the two companies have melded together so easily. 55 Sunbug employees are now onboarded and part of the ReVision team. And while some of the branding decisions are still being worked out, the acquisition offers a unique lens into the evolving spirit of collaboration within the solar industry. Nick d’Arbeloff, former VP of commercial operations at Sunbug and now Director of Market Development at ReVision, says the overlapping values in the two companies is what led to them becoming one organization. While this change of scale comes with some challenges, the joining of the two companies has been mostly seamless and can be attributed to similar company cultures and values. 

Nick describes the merger as "two old friends deciding to get married."  

nick_d'arbeloff_headshot-min.pngWhile statistics show that between 70 and 90% of mergers and acquisitions fail, the five months since the sale took place indicate that this fusion is bringing new energy, literally, to New England. Sunbug and ReVision share a natural compatibility: both are Certified B-Corps. Both companies have long recognized the importance of not just what they do, but how they do it, emphasizing community impact, employee benefits, and environmental responsibility. 

"One thing that's really intriguing about this acquisition,” Nick says, “is that ReVision and Sunbug have known each other for a long time, and we've always liked each other and recognized our shared affinity for improving the planet. We've asked ReVision for advice and vice versa.”

The different geographic locations of ReVision and Sunbug is a welcome challenge, according to Nick. “I applaud ReVision's insistence that we all spend time together monthly, developing relationships face-to-face, because you really need to get to know someone in person.” In the case of the commercial team, weekly meetings have helped the two entities learn from each other. “We’re getting the opportunity to meet other people, other members of the commercial team outside of Massachusetts, which is great, and we’re learning a lot from it. I feel as if I'm developing a deep understanding of the organization.”  

Sustainable Business Award

sunbug_SBN_award.pngAdding to the narrative of collaboration and shared values, Sunbug Solar's recent achievement highlights the commitment to sustainability and community impact. In February, Sunbug won the 2023 Sustainable Business of The Year award from the Sustainable Business Network (SBN) of Massachusetts. This accolade was celebrated at a recent ceremony and recognizes businesses committed to a green and fair economy. “The work that Sunbug Solar – and now ReVision Energy – does is necessary to reverse the impacts of climate change and create a greener future,” said Laury Hammel, Executive Director at Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts. “Beyond their service to the community, it is clear that this team is committed to having sustainable business practices and fostering a fair and inclusive workplace for all.” Nick d’Arbeloff was also specifically acknowledged for his efforts in shaping solar policy and legislation.  

Further embodying his commitment to facilitating favorable solar policy is Nick’s recent election as the President of SEBANE. This organization aims to protect and promote the New England solar industry through informed policy intervention, coalition building, and stakeholder education. Lindsay Bourgoine, ReVision’s Director of Policy, also holds a position at SEBANE as the VP of Policy. SEBANE’s mission to unite solar companies mirrors the collaborative spirit seen in the Sunbug acquisition.

“It really has been a special coming together of two like-minded entities. I don't think anyone at Sunbug could have asked for a better circumstance than to have Sunbug end up in the arms of a company like ReVision.”