Solar Partnerships

Solar Fusion: How Sunbug Solar Joins ReVision Energy

In November, Sunbug Solar officially became a ReVision Energy company. This acquisition is really exciting as it will enable us to bring solar and solar technologies (such as heat pumps, battery storage, and EV charging) to all of Massachusetts. Because Sunbug and ReVision are both Certified B Corps, mission-aligned, and have a long history of working together through Amicus Solar Cooperative, this felt like a natural fit for both ReVision and Sunbug employees. But like any business initiative, it comes with its own set of challenges, opportunities, and logistics to sort out.  

In this blog column we’re planning to take you behind the scenes to showcase how two major New England solar companies join forces to more effectively fight the climate crisis.  

Onboarding Sunbug

installers waving_mailchimp.jpgReVision has been thrilled to welcome 55 Sunbuggers onto our team. This has been a large undertaking by our HR and IT teams, as they’ve worked to get all new employee-owners enrolled in benefits, taken through our onboarding program, getting ReVision email addresses up and running, laptops set up, software installed, permissions granted, and more. It’s a big lift but we are so so happy to have 55 new employee-owners!  

Connecting as Co-Owners

Stacy and Lydia cookie swapA critical part of this process is getting to know each other. ReVision and Sunbug have worked alongside each other as part of Amicus Solar Cooperative for a while but for the most part, we haven’t truly met each other. As we weave the Sunbug teams into ReVision’s existing team structure, we are hyperfocused on connection.  

ReVision has been celebrating our 20th Anniversary all year and we’re excited for the Sunbug team to join us at our Massachusetts celebration next week at local brewery Hopothecary Ales. (Want to come drink beer and discuss the future of solar in MA? Sign up here!)

Individual teams have planned outings and meetings as well. Our marketing team welcomed Sunbug employees Lydia and Ben to their annual cookie swap, and Lydia created an incredible paper-mâché Sunsquatch for the event. 

Catch Us on the Waves

Speaking of marketing, Sunbug has also transitioned their radio ads to include ReVision. Next time you’re driving around Massachusetts, give WBUR and GBH a listen; you may hear some new ads about “Sunbug, a ReVision Energy Company!”  

Trainings and Sharing Tips

sunbug revision sales training.jpgThe early stages of this acquisition process are focused primarily on Sales and Marketing. Throughout December our Massachusetts sales teams are running 8 trainings to get the Sunbug team up to speed on our processes. This includes trainings in our software tools for customer management, system design, quoting, and contracting, as well as product offers new to Sunbug like air source heat pumps. And on the other side, Sunbug is teaching ReVision tips and tricks around new construction project management, and the use of drone technology to accurately and safely assess roofs. Sunbug has a long history of installing solar for new construction, houses of worship, and smaller commercial customers in Massachusetts, and ReVision is excited to learn new best practices.