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South Portland Grant Program for EV Charging

Electric Vehicle Charging Grants for South Portland Businesses

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South Portland has announced a Level 2 EV charging grant program for businesses and commercial properties located within its city limits. Grant applications are competitive, and will be reviewed and awarded quarterly for the foreseeable future. This subsidy can also be stacked with the Federal Alt Fuel infrastructure tax credit covering 30% of hardware and install costs - yielding remarkable project savings!

This grant program gives local businesses the opportunity to enjoy the financial and communal benefits of offering EV charging to their customers. There are many factors to consider, and ReVision Energy can help you analyze the suitability and costs of adding level 2 charging stations to your property or business.

Below we have provided program details, our recommended project overview, and a breakdown of total estimated cost.

Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charging Grant Overview

Who Can Apply:

Anyone who owns a for-profit business in South Portland, ME

How To Apply:

Eligible businesses contact ReVision Energy to start application process call 207-221-6342. ReVision will conduct a site visit and provide a quote, outlining your business EV charging plan. Using that information, you will fill out this form and submit it to the City of South Portland.

Funding Awarded by the Grant:

This program will fund up to 6 Level 2 charger plugs at eligible businesses or workplaces.
The city will provide $5000 per plug OR 50% of the allowable project costs, whichever is less.

Allowable project costs include:

Equipment, materials, construction, design, permitting, and installation of chargers
Electrical system upgrade or new service
Related equipment (pedestal bases, bollards, signage, shipping)

Additional Requirements:

Awardees must provide two ports each with a minimum of 40A per port and use the universal connector (J1772).
Chargers must be made publicly accessible.
Each port must have one dedicated parking space with proper signage.
Awardees must make a 5 year commitment to operate.

What Will it Cost?

Four EV Charging ports in Oxford, Maine.  Using ReVision's lengthy experience installing hundreds of EV chargers, we will recommend to most applicants that they install four ports and a new 200A service. This will provide the best cost savings per port, and requires four dedicated parking spaces. The charging technology could be basic chargers or smart charging; installation costs are virtually the same for either choice and we can advise on technology choices based on the applicant's location and needs.

We provide rough estimates below to give you an idea of the typical costs of these projects prior, breaking it down into hardware and installation costs. We then show you the much lower project cost after adding funding from the grant and from the Federal Tax credit, showing both basic charging and smart charging projects.

Estimated Project Cost Breakdown

Level 2 Hardware costs using pedestal mounting (Note: wall mounting is cheaper but depends on the location)

Two (2) pedestals with 4 ports total
Basic charging ($5,500)
Smart charging (11,500-$18,000) (Note: Smart Charging requires additional network/warranty costs but they are not covered by the award)
Installation, including utility new service

Utility new 200A service ($2,000)
Typical install for two pedestals ($20,000)

Project Cost with Grant

  Basic Charger Project* Smart Charger Project**

Estimated cost for charger hardware & installation (4 plugs)



Federal Tax Credit (30%)

- $8,250

- $12,000

South Portland Grant

- $13,750

- $20,000

Cost to host $5,500 $8,000

*Note: Does not include operating costs. Host site pays for electricity usage when selecting basic charger, which will vary depending on usage. **Note: Does not include operating costs. Smart charger project estimate costs excludes ineligible expenses of network services and extended warranty. Those costs vary depending on smart charger technology chosen.

Get Started!

ReVision will work with applicants to tailor these estimates to their business's needs, and to factor in installation variables that can add/detract from these estimates. Such variables include the distance between parking and electrical, asphalt/concrete work, the type of mounting required, and the utility work needed.

If you are a South Portland business interested in applying for the Level 2 EV Charging Grant Program, contact our EV department to get your application process started, give us a call at 207-221-6342. In the meantime, check out one of our featured Portland EV charging station projects.