EV Updates

EV Charging Case Study: Inn By the Sea
Inn by the Sea in Cape Elizabeth has EV charging for its guests.
EV Charging Case Study: Workplace Chargers at Hannaford's Headquarters
Hannaford's Headquarters in Scarborough has had EV charging since 2017.
EV Charging Case Study: DC Fast Chargers at Mobil
The Lewiston-Auburn Mobil Station now has DC Fast Charging for Electric Vehicles
EV Charging Case Study: ReVision Energy Headquarters
ReVision Energy's South Portland headquarters has free workplace and public charging available.
EV Corner: Electric Yard Tools
Electric lawn and yard tools are now readily accessible, leading to safer, quieter, and more enjoyable yard care.
EV Charging Case Study: I-95 Maine Turnpike
A Case Study of the EV DC Fast Charging on the Maine turnpike
EV Charging Case Study: Portland
Case study for the City of Portland's EV Chargers
EV Charging Case Study: Kittery
Want to charge your electric vehicle in Maine? There are a plethora of new chargers available!
ReVision's 20th Anniversary Celebration Powered by All-Electric Trucks
Our 20th anniversary celebration in August was powered by six Ford F-150 Lightnings, whose batteries ran the stage lights, sound system, and more.
EV Corner: A Tale of Two Fuels
A weekend in Maine, powered by an electric vehicle.
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