EV Updates

Your Employees Want Workplace EV Charging
Workplace EV charging has a variety of benefits: convenience and productivity, attracting and retaining talent, financial incentives, and supporting corporate sustainability. Learn about how workplace EV charging can enhance your company's appeal to employees, save costs, and contribute to your sustainability goals.
Thriving in the Cold: Navigating Cold Weather with Electric Vehicles
ReVision's EV Infrastructure Designer Chuck Hayward explores the myths and realities of electric vehicle performance in winter. From stable traction to efficient heating and safe charging, learn about how EVs thrive in cold weather and debunk common misconceptions.
EV Charging Case Study: ReVision Energy Headquarters
ReVision Energy's South Portland headquarters has free workplace and public charging available.
EV Charging Case Study: Inn By the Sea
Inn by the Sea in Cape Elizabeth has EV charging for its guests.
EV Charging Case Study: Workplace Chargers at Hannaford's Headquarters
Hannaford's Headquarters in Scarborough has had EV charging since 2017.
EV Charging Case Study: DC Fast Chargers at Mobil
The Lewiston-Auburn Mobil Station now has DC Fast Charging for Electric Vehicles
EV Corner: Electric Yard Tools
Electric lawn and yard tools are now readily accessible, leading to safer, quieter, and more enjoyable yard care.
EV Charging Case Study: I-95 Maine Turnpike
A Case Study of the EV DC Fast Charging on the Maine turnpike
EV Charging Case Study: Portland
Case study for the City of Portland's EV Chargers
EV Charging Case Study: Kittery
Want to charge your electric vehicle in Maine? There are a plethora of new chargers available!