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EV Charging Case Study: Portland

Electric Vehicle charging is spreading across New England, making it easier to drive electric and reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. Through a combination of federal grants and state efficiency programs, ReVision Energy has been selected as the designated installer for many of these charge ports, and we'd like to highlight some of them in this column. 

City of Portland: City Hall, Jetport, Payson Park, High Street

In 2020, ReVision Energy, in collaboration with the City of Portland, installed a public charging station at City Hall. The charging station is a ChargePoint CT-4000 series networked pedestal charger with a single 32A port and operates on a fee-for-service basis.

The charger's location at 389 Congress Street in front of the City Hall was carefully selected for its prominence. This location has become one of the most used public chargers in Portland's growing charging network.

In addition to the City Hall project, ReVision has also installed chargers at the Portland Jetport, High Street, and Payson Park. Each project was specifically designed to cater to different charging behaviors, and the success of these installations highlights the increasing acceptance and adoption of electric vehicles in Portland.

It also shows the city's commitment to promoting clean transportation and reducing carbon emissions as part of its One Climate Future program, which it created jointly with the City of South Portland.

City of Portland PlugShare Comments:

"Easy to access...Good charging stop during our visit.”

"Great place to grab a charge - and park in downtown Portland. No additional parking fee beyond the Chargepoint charging cost.”