Rational Cause for Optimism

It's Good News That 80% of Americans Drive 40 Miles Per Day
Most Americans can easily charge an electric vehicle.
Peak Demand for Gasoline & Oil is Good News for Climate
More than 25% of total U.S. electricity generation came from renewable sources in the first half of 2023.
Electric Outboards for Clean, Quiet Boating
ReVision co-founder Phil Coupe describes his experience this summer driving a boat retrofitted with an all-electric outboard motor.
Ukraine Brings Unique Solar Perspective to Maine
Solar inspiration from a recent Ukrainian delegation visit to Maine with Co-Founder Phil Coupe.
Clean Energy Innovation in the Face of Geopolitical Conflict
Clean energy innovation is accelerating the inevitable decline of oil, gas and coal, but it will take action from all of us to reach our goals in time.
Rational Cause for Optimism: Goliath Joining David?
Some in the fossil fuel industry might be making the switch to renewable energy.
Rational Cause for Optimism: Leveling Up the Clean Tech Playing Field
Examining domestic raw materials throughout the clean energy supply chain.
Rational Cause for Optimism: The Clean Energy Tipping Point
Have we reached the clean energy tipping point?
Rational Cause for Optimism: Hurricane Strength Resilience
A solar-powered community in Florida can be looked to as a model for resilience-based building.
Electricians Will Save the World
Vaughan Woodruff, Director of RETC, tackles the way we think about the trades.