Sunsquatch hits the slopes at solar-powered Shawnee Peak.

We’re switching up our Holiday Gift Guide this year! You can still consult the full list of solar-powered gifts, but we’ve also packaged some of them up for that certain type of person in your life. Sure, there’s a ton of ~stuff~ out there to buy, but how much cooler is it to give your loved ones a bundle from organizations that really care about our environment and local community??

These organizations are all based in northern New England and are all using clean solar energy installed by ReVision Energy. Many of them are also B Corps, Employee/Family-owned, or sustainably-minded in other ways. We love supporting these groups and hope you will too!

The Outdoor Activity Lover

For that person in your life who just can’t get enough of hiking, camping, running, biking, and smelling that fresh New England air.

GrandyOats Coconola (they just celebrated their 6th solarversary last month!)
Badger Balm Reef-Safe Sunscreen and After Sun Balm
Cool-As-A-Moose T-Shirt
Appalachian Mountain Club Membership (and very cool reusable water bottle)
A Trail Guide from SELT NH for your local after-work hike. 





The Gardener

We all went a little plant-crazy during the pandemic, but some people really do have a green thumb!

Fedco seeds
The Herb FARMacy seeds or plants
Plants from Longfellow Greenhouses
Badger Balm Hand Lotion (perfect after a long day in the garden)
Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens membership (for flower inspiration but also to see the Trolls)
Farmer’s Almanac by Geiger (did you know this national treasure has been published annually since 1818, right here in Maine??)




The Picnicker

Charcuterie boards are very IN right now; make yours a solar-powered picnic.

Spring Day Creamery cheese (we love the Spring Day Blues and the Deja Blue!)
Hermit Woods Winery wine (Petite Blue pictured here if you’re committed to the blue theme)
The Maine Milkhouse eggnog
Veggies & fruit from Any Solar-Powered Farm CSA Near You! (there are so many we had to make a whole separate list)
Picnic blanket tapestry from Mexicali Blues to round out your blue picnic.




The Café Aficionado

We all need to be properly caffeinated to fight the climate crisis, and luckily our local coffee shops love going solar!

Carpe Diem coffee
White Heron Tea (or more coffee)
Ragged Coast Chocolates hot cocoa
Wicked Joe coffee (or more tea)
Coffee By Design yes, you guessed it, more coffee
Scratch Baking Co.’s everything